Itʼs a little dangerous in the same room

Itʼs over when I smell dat perfume

Confident, when she not, turn that body to a prop

(Hey Hey) Time for a backstop

Letʼs see dat baby made gift shop, and now we check the trunk

Fallinʼ through the bunk, just to get a little action

Lookinʼ like a whole snack, with a full rack, can you picture dat Kodak

(Speed up) Now we attack, you hear dat track

(Mhmm) Letʼs play that back.


We got those special spots where we like to play

On my block alone we done everything

Donʼt move away and Iʼll come any day

This is our world baby we dominate

I donʼt need an appointment to get my way

Way in the back but youʼre the last one to stay

Stay for a while cause you canʼt resist

When Iʼm around even on short notice

This is our world baby we dominate


No greater wager

Itʼs late night Ry did you see me in the paper

Praise her in my blazer, doin’ it all by myself now didnʼt needa major

Diamonds I can take her


No phones or a pager


Staple Center if I lake her, did you know? Two can play this game

Monopolize my pay dirt, baby got cake Iʼm a baker

New kind of cool like a power ranger, best wingman Iʼm no blocker

No second guessin,’ skip the small talk then jump right to the fun

We function no question our relation inception

Wild direction

Lookinʼ good when you wake up

Natural beauty with no make up

Say hello wit a pick up, favorite line I never mess up (No)

“Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”

Used that at seven for attention, never got rejection

Wanna reminisce cause weʼre on short notice and you know dis BROTUS!


No time to get ready, no

Everywhere we go, yeah

Better look good quick

People say weʼre goals, yeah

They say dat weʼre goals, yeah

Everywhere we go, yeah

Weʼre goals, weʼre goals