REAL ONE (Lyrics)

“REAL ONE” Lyrics



I can tell she a real one she got me all addicted

And I know I’m not the only one so I give her my attention

If you a pretty little thang let me hear ya holla



Out in Cali where da weather hittin’ 103

Caught a baddie witt a fatty and she all on me

You a ten baby I can’t even lie about it outfit fly now it’s time to fly up out it

Don’t leave your girl round me

True player for real I give her something to feel

And you know we gonna scan her twenty minutes she forgetting all her manners

Imma change the scenario let me carry on

Heads turning like a Mary go while I take you home

Where you at outside in the big ride

Talkin’ to the shawty red lips and the thick thighs

We ain’t gotta rush turns out she a real one

Turn the music up let her drop it till she kill one

Never get enough how her body hit the rhythm she ain’t twerkin out in public anymore she keep it hidden



I see a flock a women

I’m only choosing if they want to listen to me

Then I go and get em better buckle up I made my decision

I’m a gentleman don’t grab it like a politician make you my new candy girl like New Edition pay attention

Baby this is fast life talk and your backside got me like a match light walking and I can’t stop gawkin’ like damn


Left, right

Booty got the glow like a black light

You already know where she at tonight

You already know it’s the boyz you like.

Tongue tied girl let’s have a fun time

Girl you like a cool breeze hotter than the sunshine

Everything I say she crackin’ up like it’s a punchline

Let’s go get our ab work out in it’s crunch time



Magma, liquid hot she always on my mind but she’s never a thot

She gotta little bit of attitude like it or not

Pretty toes got me always tryna knock off socks

Body bangin’ subwoofer and I like it a lot

Call me a Wall Street wolf tryna rise like stocks

Me love you long time girl let’s do a marathon

Girl let’s get this money till we in a upper echelon baby make it work