PUZZLE’D UP (Lyrics)

“PUZZLE’D UP” Lyrics


My Frankenstein creation now we activatin’ captivatin’ blood circulatin’

We obliterate now we mate gonna make you wait when I call up you know it’s going down

Drippin’ on the beat, in the sheets Freddy Krueger in the streets now you on your feet

I hear your heartbeat you about to scream it’s only been a dream

Now you see it’s only me Purge Doctor at the scene



Oh, here we go again I read the notes dat you’ve been leavin’

It’s not the first time you got even our puzzle love must be the reason

I puzzle up (aye) must be the reason you got even

I puzzle’d up (aye) it was never supposed to be this way



1, 2, child’s play in the room at the Bates Motel we got the best view

Last time we keep this going on it’s a puzzle love baby but I hate they call us Jigsaw

You might be Jamie Lee what’s up with yo acting

You might be crazy while I’m Hannibal lecturing

I’m a certain crazy when I’m settin’ off the mic I’m running circles on your mind like Jaws but I don’t bite

Can we finish off where we left off

Let’s cut the attitude you might as well stop

Have you looked at yourself lately in the mirror is it clear

You’re a Dollface I’m Ghostface you’re the one I wanna hear