MOTOR (Lyrics)

“MOTOR” Lyrics



You need a jumpstart I can rev your motor

Broken down on the shoulder perfect time to get closer

So cold it could be zero degrees give you body heat exchange it with me

Maybe got a little chemistry one in the same isotope on a road




You lookin’ sexy in a car

Transmission’s out but we can still go far

Jumper cables in the back ruin everything isotopes can last if you know what I mean

Cars passin’ in the fast lane baby

Seatbelt off jump on me I’ll be your safety

You don’t gotta change unless your switching lanes

My bros call me a gym rat and I got gains

Tonight won’t leave you hangin’ you so bangin’

Be a gentleman no girl should ever be hitch-hikin’

Alright I’m no master mechanic but don’t panic I’m not fixin’ the freakin’ Titanic.

She’s lookin’ at me with those eyes given signs waitin’ for play time fate on my side

If you never pulled off the road so glad you’re car broke

Let me Escalade you in the Lambo (Vroom Vroom)



Where my dawgs at Ray and Ricky Bobby takin’ pictures in the lobby now they doin’ this without me

We’re all a phone call away my girl knows I will ride and die with my brothers every single day

It’s just a brother thing we have to do but you’re the one riding shotgun to my next interview

Boyz you like on your stereo hear us on the ferry though I’ll slam your trunk anywhere you wanna go

Thanks to the mouse we cover the equator with my Ryanators even haters die hard Raider see ya later