Baby you remind me of high school

Back then all we use to do is break the rules

Now all that we care about is principle

All you gotta do is make my honor roll

My honor roll

All you gotta do is make my honor roll



Don’t get me wrong you know we get along

We can be as strong we just gotta keep this goin’ on

No need to fuss let’s discuss trouble goin’ on adjust

Believin’ in each other a must all you gotta do is trust now

Set the foundation tastin’ communication correlation

New sensation no relation no deflation I’m just sayin’

You wanna be independent

Looking for attention, slid into my insta mention

Don’t have to send it, better when you bend it

Gonna back end it, gonna befriend it

You know we never never never gonna stop

You know you’re gonna see us on top



I’m on a roll I don’t under achieve caught the substitute winking at me

Lesson plan in my back pocket no bullies taking my wallet

Fifth graders kissing seniors ditchin’ did some time in detention

Homecoming like I’m president you lead ASB I’m gon teacher pet

Never seek to impress nothing but the best at lunch standing out from the rest

Perfect attendance tried what I could to correct on every project

Put my name in the top right if you want an A

Screenshot we don’t airdrop cause I wanna C

Open your window get some Vitamin-Me

Nothing can faze me I’m on the honor roll baby