“GUTTAH” Lyrics


Rough around the edges all I see is curves

She in my lane 300 my perfect game

Spare some change it will be different with my bread and butta

I wonder wonder can I get her mind up in that guttah



In the guttah her favorite place don’t tell her motha

I did not stutta, Fatha nature getcha wetta get a sweater

Energy I’m the plug she da Tesla

Make a scene booty rolling like a Vespa

What she wearin smallest thing in her dresser

Is she ready yeah she ready where’s her friends bro?

Are they right there yeah they right there

Are they all fine yeah they all fine

Well they all mine nah they all mine nah they all mine!

We can share doe why you scared bro don’t be scared bro I am not scared.

I’m lookin at the baddie with the blonde hair

There’s three of em so how could it be not fair

My mind is in the guttah

Yeah my mind is in the guttah but they already want me so I do not care



In the guttah her favorite place don’t tell her motha

Like a stain, be my permanent thang

Board game, how’d I guess your name mind reada


She can’t stay away who needs Blu-Ray when she got me Ray

See you through X-Ray but I won’t be your Ex Ray more like a sting Ray

Tan line when she lost her bikinay

Oil up I’m your sun ray

One way express on a freight train

Choo choo to my city here we again.

Big bottom Betty got my brain in da guttah

Body thick like a brick like her motha

Got you in those feelings you can never get out of

Scribble all yo feelings make it betta alright

Makin’ thoughts even more real every other night there’s a thought then after thought about a thought that thought the other thought was looking better than the other thought

If that’s what they thinking bout then we should let the freaking weekend out instead of speaking what we speaking bout


I set my bag down and put my sneakers on

Laced my sneakers up we brought the speaker out

Then grabbed my microphone and then we rocked the crowd

So how you like me now