GHOST (Lyrics)

“GHOST” Lyrics


They said this wouldn’t happen but I knew it

Your ego had to change don’t care what I’m doing

I’m so tired of all these fake, fake, friends!

If you think I’m un-needed watch you get deleted, I went GHOST!



Only one more address that ya had to send left me unread

Invite wasn’t in the mail every time I reach out to em can’t stand getting that voicemail


Things change so quickly I know that we all grow up

But you didn’t have to let it get this far

I was there when you couldn’t afford a car now you’re acting like a superstar


I don’t want no pity invite

Save your breath no excuse tonight

Knew this was bound to happen sacrifices made a champion

Get close upI’m big time now

Beggin’ me to come through with style

Wait, now you gonna connect

Got plans with the ones who checked up won’t forget.


Don’t see your name in my phone nor do I need it

Straight up too busy get gone this time I mean it

Distance don’t mean a thang, best friends can live far away

Ain’t no mistake they fake go ghost and watch them all complain



Thank y’all for being fake didn’t ghost by mistake

Now they askin’ my brothers for a steak

Hey! Only federate didn’t hit my big break (Yet)

But I motivate rattle life like a snake

Give me a pen I can go crazy your pen’s writing wrongs daily

Here’s a lollipop you’re a sucker if you thought Boyz You Like would stop

RnS Beats, Shane, and Dave invade for decades be afraid

Day by day change the music game

All you change is a picture frame

Back heavy from these coat tail riders

Behind my back trying to steal some followers

Showing love for the fame drives me insane

Text you in a month ghosts don’t need a name



Cut it out cause all you do is hate

Let’s take it back to all them golden days

We know most things often don’t feel the same

Here on out it’s on my terms, okay!