DAY 1 (Lyrics)

“DAY 1” Lyrics



Let me give you that input I know what you need

Imma lie it all on the table right where you should be

We keep it stable from day 1 don’t want no label

Just need more time bringin’ my day 1 home



Dim lights set the tone soon we’ll have a place of our own FaceTime all alone

Bubble bath bring the foam Friday never alone we can set the tone

Got off on the right foot stable with my day one feels good pay attention

Focus on the little things do whatever it takes just not the same thing

Lie you on the dinner table both of us are starving but we are already ate though

We can have fun lifestyles on the run drop what I’m doing hear you singing “Real One”

New day new fresh start aye! See her glowing in the dark that’s bae

Love being up late with us we gotta resonate with you I’m moving straight yup!



Somebody gotta give that input ask me anything I’ll tell you by the book

Want my knowledge catch me better on foot she givin’ me a sneak peek before I even looked

Everybody say their busy I pick you up when you’re dizzy who told you it was gonna be easy

You so pretty and you witty got the keys to the city

So you know we gettin litty five minutes and I’m crazy

With us we gotta resonate she thinkin’ bout me every day

Overthinking nope so great so great

By my side yup state to state to state

Favors are okay but we don’t take no breaks

With us we gotta resonate she thinkin’ bout me every day