4k Rival (Lyrics)

“4K RIVAL” Lyrics



You ain’t gotta play the part of my rival

You ain’t gotta Jack-son, you ain’t Michael

Every rule that you break, you say survival

I bet you lie through your teeth with one hand on your bible

Ain’t nobody cast you down as my rival

Too much Tito’s got you jealous like I’m Michael

Now you’re upside down like your cycle

Bet you lie through your teeth with one hand on your bible



You lookin’ crystal clear, 4K! Spend 10 bands on it. Every angle is the right way

Lemme call the shots cause she ain’t gotta bad side

Know what to do when her body acting camera shy

There’s a RHINO on the loose baby

She tappin’ on her body like percussion gettin’ loose

Sticking to me suction no cussin’ she waitin’ by on the cushion

See em lookin’ all their heads are crooked

Why you thinkin’ we got nothin’ in common many changes at the top or bottom

Seasons go but we in thoughtumn

Be the same or step aside outta my way

Our time is up one day so mine won’t go to waste!



We still enjoying yesterday!


Slay the biz

My happy hour’s over when I say it is


Wanna do it on a Ikan

Know you better than my right hand

Way I see it straight got my mind up in a state

All but none to wait got the camera can I get a slate (Wooo!)

Got the talent, got the mind

Got my three fingers up you can read between the lines