Forced to be alone set out for change standin’ on my feet I make my own rhythm

Faith tatted to my heart no givin’ up

Make my own mark growin’ up separated I ain’t 2nd to none

Try tear me down and I ain’t gonna go

No chance no one understands I don’t depend pretend I intend to ascend

It’s a one-way runway set examples and I put it on a display

No chance no one understands try to tear me down and I ain’t gonna go

Faith tatted to my heart (faith tatted to my heart)

Make my own mark (make my own mark)

Put it all to rest put it to the test it’s a single populated express



Guard up isolated took advantage unappreciated now you cut em’ off (Slice)

Deal with da pain to fit in my life send em’ packin’ (Send em’)

Full control push the gas to my own plane

Independent takin’ matters in my own hands haters gonna hate (but we don’t hate em)

Whatcha gonna say (say whatcha say)

All this weight on my chest and I stand up carried on my shoulders and we climb up

Energy in the veins optimistic in the brain no more stoppin’ till we on da top (no)

Keep on lookin’ like I’m crazy I ain’t lettin’ nothin’ phase me

Haters gonna hate whatcha gonna say we killin’ all snakes on the plane



It’s all about the destination no one can’t drop my location

Who cares (who cares) no expression shown on this lonely road


(Lonely road)



It’s a marathon not a journey my character was tested early

There’s only one one strong man with a clear head I see a clear path up ahead

Ain’t the last step I’m ever gon take I’m still movin’ like acrylic I don’t break

I’m still breathin’ that’s what matters you breathin’ okay?

Distance don’t matter I run every day

I’m in it for the long haul like a statue I stand tall

Great pace cause I don’t crawl got some answers I’m the eight ball

Prepare for a downfall but I want it eagerly easily and evenly

I can’t wait to say it finally

On the go and off the road my mind is on another level I’m on a different frequency


Runnin’ out of time hidin’ from the fears of the mind

Gotta find a new way in this desert I’m a stray

Surrounded by the violence standing at the center in silence

Now I come into a sign no traps no codes

Gettin’ outta this Lonely Road!