On the Top (Lyrics)

            On the Top
(Verse 1)
Thinkin,’ dreamin,’ victory bound
It’ll all come to life once I’m holding the crown
Started with the opportunity of one gig
Made it here, still trying to make it big
Never hesitate, never miss a beat
I crave triumph, that’s what I eat
Number one contenders go face to face
Who wants it more for their life to change
Give me a shot, believe in me
My gear’s fire hot, wait and see
Once I get rolling, never gonna stop
Watch out now cause I’m coming to the top
(Verse 2)
So you got big hopes of exploring the world?
Don’t let money strip dream cause you’re pour
When things hit the floor, there’s another door
Pick yourself up and look for more
Determination should be your foundation
There’s no such thing as limitations
Set your own destination, no time for any rest
Only go ahead to be the best
Nothing less
Soon you’ll be walking red carpets
When in that position means loaded pockets
Should never change you for who you are
Enjoy the success when you make it that far
I keep on hoping
That someday I can
Share these gifts and these talents
To show I’m the man
On the top, is what I see
On the top, is where I’ll be
On the top, skyscrapin’ on em
On the top, (elevate!) Top (x4)
(Post Chorus)
Set your eyes on the prize
On the top where success lies
A champion always tries
Never give up, improvise
Race to the top
Push don’t stop
Keep your head up when times ain’t right
Positive vibes from the Boyz You Like, like, like, like
(Verse 3)
I’ve ignored the sound
Negative energy trying to anchor me down (Guess what?)
My time is now
I sense success, I’m find it like a hound
You can waste your time, tell me I’m wrong
Just don’t under estimate the underdog
Yeah time ticks, as I age too fast
This is the future I want, I refuse to live my past
I’ll wait patiently for the signal above
When it hops in my face, I’mma reach for number one
Need one wish and to follow your dream
Execute, you’ll be livin’ like a king
(Verse 4)
Bringin’ the hype to the stage, foot to the ground
Tired of messing, tired of being pushed around
So I’m reaching for the top, getting on my feet
Here’s the momentum… Stampede
I’m bringin’ all you need, bringin’ this heat
So I’m gonna proceed and keep spittin’ on the street
Tired of being an observer
Confidence will get you far
Faith will get you further, doesn’t matter who you are
Be a star, everyone is here for a purpose
Target your dreams, (fulfill em)
Don’t be nervous
Livin’ your aspiration make your life complete
Top of Bellagio in a pent house suite
(Post Chorus)
Dream, that you’re sittin’ on the top
Wish, that you’ll be at the top
Believe, that you made it to the top
Dream, Wish, Believe and you’ll make it to the top
Top, skyscrapin’ on em (x3)
(Is where I’ll be)
On the top, is what I see
On the top, is where I’ll be
On the top, skyscrapin’ on em
On the top, (elevate!) Top (x4)
Top, top (elevate!)
Top, top (Is what I see)
Top, top (elevate!)
Skyscrapin’ on em