Nod Your Head (Lyrics)

Nod Your Head
(Verse 1)
Some people have a gift
Creating a party drift
Bringin’ the fire, wearing fresh attire
When they pop their style the crowd goes wild
(Verse 2)
So welcome to our atmosphere
Where the rhythm of the sound
Makes you see clear, change gear
Things appear, you can hear
It’s surreal, take the wheel
Then you’ll feel this amazing thrill
Got them cables plugged
We bout to turn it up
Show starts now
Them Boyz You Like will be the first ones up
Blow out your eardrums now
Let’s rattle it through the ground
Leave it to the woofers to make remarkable power sound
Bass so loud
It’ll shake you out the bed
Can’t help that every song we make
You know you’re forced to nod your head
When this bass hits loud
It’ll keep you all obsessed
Can’t help that every song we make
You can’t control what happens next
(Post Chorus)
If you’re a hip-hop-hype luva
Nod yo head
One person ain’t enough
Let’s make it spread
This beat will take over
You will lose your composure
Knots in yo neck
From when you nod yo head (let’s go!)
(Nod nod) nod your head (yup)
(Nod nod) nod your head (uh)
(Nod nod) nod your head (yup)
(Nod nod) nod your head
(Verse 3)
Producing up this studio mix
RnS beats, EDM hits
Mic on attack, vocals tearin’ up this track
Old school flav’ spinnin’ vinyl off the rack
(Verse 4)
Since we write, dance, produce, enhance
Everything we do will give us a chance
For the Rolling Stone covers
Me and my brothers
If you work hard enough
Soon you’ll get discovered
(Post Chorus)
(Dance Break/Outro x4)
Bass so loud
Make you break yo neck
Hittin’ so hard
Make you nod it, nod it