Night You Won’t Forget (Lyrics)

    Night You Won’t Forget
(Verse 1)
Yo! Flash those floodlights
You know we only invade at night
Yeah, extra bright
(Check us out!)
We just might be the group you like
(Ever heard?)
We created it to excite
Hit the floor, here we go
Gonna party like (LMFAO)
Light your glow sticks and your party water
You think your system’s up
We’ll crank ours up louder
DJ blast this beat out loud
(Turn it up, turn it up!)
I say we shut this place on down (down, down, down)
(Chorus x2)
Dance, dance, hypnotic trance
Neon night, gear us up
Throw your hands
Let it all go, live it up
(Post Chorus)
Night you won’t forget, hype music holds the crown
Night you won’t forget, Boyz You Like are in town
Night you won’t forget (x4)
Night (x4)
Night you won’t forget
(Verse 2)
Peek-a-boo, I see you
Runnin’ from the cops with my amped up crew
Crowd surfin’ till five in the mornin’
Things we do when the music’s roarin’
While we groove I prove
Nothin’s better than my Sparks moves
VIP, p-party sets
Prepare for a night that you won’t forget
(Post Chorus)
(Dance Breakdown)
Night (x4)
Night you won’t forget
Night (x5)
Shut this place on down, down, down, down
Live it up (x3)
Live it up
Live (x4)
Live it up